36 Hour Classroom

This program offers 30 hours of classroom instruction, the permit test, and 6 hours of behind the wheel training. It is state accredited and insurance approved! This program costs $545.

Students can take this class as soon as they turn 14 1/2. They'll spend 30 hours in the classroom, which is usually covered in 3 or 4 days, depending on which class you choose. At the end of the classroom portion, we'll do a review of all the material, and give them their A+ final test, just as they would have a final in any high school class. After that test, if they are within 30 days of their 15th birthday, or over 15 (if they are beyond 30 days of their birthday, they cannot take the permit exam, and will have to return to our office roughly two weeks before the birthday to take the test), they will take the Colorado written permit exam. They'll leave class that day with paperwork that says they've passed the test in our office, so the DMV won't have to examine them. Because we are a 3rd party tester, the State of Colorado does not allow us to issue the actual permit, so you will still have to make a trip to a full-service DMV and have them convert our paperwork into the actual permit.

Once they do have that permit, we ask that they complete 12 hours of drive time with mom and dad first before calling in for their first two-hour lesson. The three lessons are meant to be spread out throughout the entire course of their permit year, and families that wait until the end of the year to complete their drive time will not be guaranteed 6 hours of instruction before their child's eligibility date!

Once they have completed their driving instruction, and have held their permit for at least 1 full year, most students will return to our office to take the Colorado license test for an additional fee.