Lutheran HS

Welcome to A+ Driving School, Inc. We are excited to begin another new year with Lutheran High School as we've been with the school for over 15 years! Driver's Education will be included in the school curriculum and each semester will offer a new class available for enrollment.

The school curriculum will offer classes and driving during academic lab. Classroom absentees must be rescheduled with the main office at A+ Driving School in Parker. Make-up classes are available evenings and Saturdays at A+ Driving School. For your convenience, class is offered several times per month if flexibility is required in one's schedule. We realize that students have unexpected situations that may cause them to miss a session, so a make-up session is simple.

* Please Note: All teens must hold a permit for a minimum of (1) year from date of issue and log 40 hours of driving during the day and 10 hours of night driving. At 18 years of age, no rules apply.

36 Hour Driver's Education Program

New State laws allow students to start classroom education as early as 14 years 6 months. Each student may obtain a Driver's Instruction Permit at age (15) if they enroll in the Lutheran High School Driver's Education Program. Each student may take the Colorado State Permit test during class session within 30 days of their 15th birthday. The permit will allow students to drive with their parents and driving instructor for a minimum of (1) year. Students may only drive with legal guardians who are listed on the Colorado State Affidavit (Form DR2460) for credited logged drive time. Also, with parent permission, students may drive with a licensed driver over the age of 21 but the training hours will not be recognized by the state of Colorado.

The State of Colorado requires a total of (30) hours classroom instruction which the student must complete prior to driver's in-car training. During classroom instruction, we will issue the written permit test and complete all required documentation for the student to acquire the permit at the State Motor Vehicle Division. They will require both parental signatures in person prior to the issuance of an instruction permit. (1) Parent may notarize the signature but remaining parent will sign at the Motor Vehicle Division, at time of issuance.

A Certificate of Completion is provided to the student after completing the required, credited classroom and driving course. Most insurance companies offer a substantial discount for our driver's education course. Check with your agent for more details.

A+ Driving School is excited to be a part of the team at Lutheran High School and we look forward to another great year! Please contact the high school administration office for more information or call A+ Driving School at (303) 400-4555. See you in school!